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Contactless delivery option is available!

We have Expanded the delivery area beyond the Moscow ring road by 15 km in the following directions: South, South-West, West and North-West. when ordering from 5000 rubles delivery is free

It is a direct supply of fresh fish and seafood of the highest quality from Japan and the Far East every week, highly professional service and the opportunity of ordering European and Far-Eastern oysters, sea urchin roe, rudder fish, bluefin tuna and other delicacies.

BLUEFIN - is a premium brand

that delivers sushi rolls, sushi

and other Japanese dishes,
as well as high quality oysters


The brand was founded by the famous MOSCOWFOOD company, which has been successfully operating in the catering services market for more than 15 years.

on the market

In 2018, the company launched an updated website and developed a new menu. Just then the idea was to allocate seafood delicacies to a special section on the web-site, as well as to create an individual brand that will specialize only in this segment of delivery.

Bluefin is a production facility in the center of Moscow in the wholesale kitchen and restaurant of moscowfood company.

It is professional chefs with experience in the best Japanese restaurants in Moscow (sumosan, nobu, totopo, etc.) who know how to please the most delicate taste of customers.

Bluefin delivery is an exclusively designed package that has no analogues.

The couriers deliver orders in special thermos bags with built-in ice containers, which allow to keep the products as fresh as possible.

ИНН: 770102125877
ОГРН: 319774600126261
Юридический адрес: 105215, Москва г, Парковая 13-я ул., дом № 35, квартира № 147
Фактический адрес: 105215, Москва г, Парковая 13-я ул., дом № 35, квартира № 147
Р/сч 40802810600250001454, АО "СМП БАНК" — ₽

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