График работы: пн-ср с 10:00 до 22:00,
чт-вс с 10:00 до 24:00

We have Expanded the delivery area beyond the Moscow ring road by 15 km in the following directions: South, South-West, West and North-West. when ordering from 5000 rubles delivery is free

Moscow food limited liability company

Company name: Moscow food LLC

Legal address: 10 Levshinsky lane, Moscow, 119034, Russia

Actual address: 8 Natasha Kovshova str., Moscow, Russia

INN 7704736907

KPP 770401001

OGRN 1097746673265

date of assignment 30.10.2009

OKPO 63733034

Bank: SMP Bank JSC

R / s:40702810700020000355

C / s:30101810545250000503

BIC: 044583503

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